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Class Teacher: Miss Chloe-Rose Normanton
Teaching Assistant: Clare Duck

Here is some useful information about this half term and an overview of what we will be learning about! We will also be going on our first school trip, to Pizza Express!

Taste the World

Our topic is ‘Taste the World’ and we will be looking at healthy eating, different foods and some different countries.


Our focus books this half term are going to be Handa’s Surprise, The Tiger Who Came to Tea, Cleversticks, Oliver’s Vegetables, Oliver’s Fruit Salad, Supertato.

We will be learning the following phonics sounds:

  • ‘j’ as in jug
  • ‘v’ as in van
  • ‘w’ as in web
  • ‘x’ as in fox
  • ‘y’ as in yo-yo
  • ‘z’ as in zip
  • ‘zz’ as in buzz
  • ‘qu’ as in queen
  • ‘ch’ as in chick
  • ‘sh’ as in ship
  • ‘th’ as in this
  • ‘th’ as in thumb
  • ‘ng’ as in ring

This half term, we will be learning about:

  • The numbers 7, 8 and 9
  • Measures – estimate, order, compare and discuss weight and capacity
  • Position – describe position accurately
Understanding the World:


  • Use Google Earth to look at features of Headingley High Street and locate local food shops, cafes and restaurant. Focus on Pizza Express.
  • Visit Pizza Express to learn about occupations in the food industry.
  • Use Handa’s surprise to learn about fruits grown in Africa. Make comparisions.
  • Know how Chinese New Year is celebrated in the Chinese community. Make comparisons.


  • Understand the change of the seasons and make observations of the world around them.
  • Begin to investigate changing states of matter through observing how ice is formed and melts.

PE will continue on a Wednesday afternoon. Please make sure children have their PE kit on Wednesdays (white t-shirt and black shorts) and that it is NAMED. We do not have enough spare PE kits to provide for all the children who are not bringing a PE kit. When we use apparatus, if children are not wearing their PE kits, they will not be able to take part due to safety reasons. If you think your child has misplaced any of their PE kit, feel free to come and have a look in our spare PE stuff.

Circle time:

We will be looking at how it is good to be me and continuing to talk about our feelings. Understand how to have a healthy body and healthy mind. Children will start to understand the feelings of others and consequences of their behaviour. Children will start to make goals and plans.

Parental involvement:
  • Play and Learn sessions will resume on Wednesday 11th January 09.00-10.00.
  • Bradley Bear and the Snuggle Pack will continue to be sent home every Friday – please do return these on the Monday after the weekend, as written in the books.
  • Show and Share sessions will continue on Tuesday 10th January 09.00-10.00.
  • We are having our first class trip to Pizza Express in Headingley on Tuesday 31st January. We may be looking for a parent volunteer to come with us and this will soon be confirmed if we need one. If you would be available if needed, please let me know. If there is interest from more than one parent, the volunteer will be randomly selected.
Important dates:

Here are your ‘dates for the diary’ this half term.

  • Wednesday 4th January – Children back in school.
  • Tuesday 31st January – Pizza Express trip
  • Friday 3rd February – Class assembly
  • Friday 10th February – last day of this half term

If you have any questions, please do ask or email me at:

Many thanks,

Chloe-Rose Normanton
Reception Class Teacher