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Year 1


Class Teacher: Miss Mitchell
Teaching Assistant: Miss Crook

These are the exciting things we will be doing this half term

Subject/Area Topic
Learning Focus

Into the Freezer

Key Text Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers
Memorable Experiences/Trips  
Writing Opportunities

Exploring Lost and Found and writing own version of the story.

Writing an information text about penguins.


Children will observe and describe weather associated with the seasons and how day length varies in each season.

Art Children will look at the works of Kandinsky. They will look at and explore using paint to change the tone of different colours. The children will then use these skills to explore cold colours. Their final piece of work will be a cold colour version of Kandinsky's Colour Studies: Squares with Concentric Circles.
Geography Children will learn the names of the 7 continents of the world and the 5 oceans. They will also be able to locate them on a world map. The children will also explore Antarctica and its weather and compare it with England.
Maths Place Value - numbers within 20, Addition and Subtraction numbers within 20

Pictograms – Children will learn what data is, how to collect and represent data and be able to answer questions about pictograms. 

Lego Builders - children to begin to think logically about scenarios. Children will be introduced to the term ‘algorithm’.

Music In The Groove by Joanna Mangona –an easy-to-learn song that demonstrates different styles of music (Blues, Baroque, Latin, Bhangra, Folk and Funk).
PE Children will learn and continue to develop skills in game play and dance.

How do we celebrate special occasions?

The children will look at the ways in which we celebrate special events and also how religions mark festivals.

PSHCE including Health Education and RSE Feeling safe Children will learn about how to keep themselves safe and what to do if they feel unsafe – consent, internet safety.