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Year 5


Class Teachers: Mr Wrankmore

These are the exciting things we will be doing this half term in Year 5!

Half Term Five

Subject/Area Topic

Persuasive letter writing

Creative writing

Key Text

'Macbeth' - William Shakespeare

Egyptian Creation story

Ancient Egypt

Memorable Experiences/Trips N/A
Writing Opportunities

Finish reading 'Macbeth'. Write a speech as Banquo, make predictions from the witches' prophecies and write a balanced argument about Macbeth's legacy.

Use the myths and stories of Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses to write a creation story, a retelling of a story involving one of the gods and a time travelling adventure story!



Art & DT


Children will study sculpture. They will focus on Ancient Egyptian sculptures and use this as inspiration to design and make a sculpture. 

History & Geography

History: Ancient Egypt

Children will learn how Ancient Egyptian Civilisation was formed and spread successfully. 

Geography: Rivers

Children will learn about the different features of a river. They will visit a local river (River Wharfe) to carry out fieldwork and develop their map skills through the use of ordanance survey maps.

Maths Decimals and percentages, perimeter and area, statistics and shape.


Word Processing (Microsoft Word)

Children will learn how to use Microsoft Word and make presentations.

Music Mrs Prattent will be teaching music. Words, Meaning and Expression: How does music shape our way of life?

RealPE Creative Cog / Striking & Fielding

Using the 'Creative' learning focus cog on the RealPE scheme the class will be practising their footwork skills and applying them in games of Scorpion Handball. The other lesson will be focusing on the skills for striking & fielding games. 

RE What do Christians believe about the old and new covenants?
PSHCE including Health Education and RSE

Different Influences

Child will learn to

  •  describe some strategies that people can use if they feel under pressure in relation to drug use
  • demonstrate some ways to respond to pressure concerning drug use
  • recognise that, even if people feel pressure from others about drug use, they can make an informed choice and act on it