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Design Technology

Design and Technology at Spring Bank Primary School

Here at Spring Bank Primary School, Design and Technology is purposeful, creative and engaging for our children. We offer pupils opportunities to apply and build their imaginative and technical knowledge by designing and making products in a variety of contexts. Design and Technology is taught for three half-terms per year, alternating with Art and Design.

DT units are categorised into the following areas: Structures, mechanisms, food technology, textiles and electrical systems (only taught in KS2).

The units are based on the ‘Design, Make, Evaluate’ cycle:

Design: Children explore, develop and share their ideas. They discuss and break down a design criteria or design brief and think about what they want to create and achieve. Children plan and design based on testing, prototypes and applying their developing technical knowledge.

Make: Children build their design by making choices linked to materials, product function and final outcomes. Children revisit and refine their skills; measure, cut, join & assemble.

Evaluate: Children critically evaluate their product by questioning and testing. What makes their product successful and how could it be improved? This is an important step - children reflect and learn from the process.

Please see the document below for the overview of learning.