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Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) Spring Bank School


The Parent-Teacher Association is a group run by some of the parents and teachers of Spring Bank Primary to discuss matters that affect the children, and to organise events to raise money to help the school.

EVERY parent is automatically a member. Anyone who is a parent or teacher at Spring Bank. You can do one thing to help once, or attend a few meetings. Or both. It is up to you. Every parent, teacher and idea are welcome.

Parents / wider Spring Bank community to help to fundraise by:

  • Bidding for funds available from companies/investments etc
  • Offering sponsorship e g sports kit
  • Running fundraising activities on behalf of the PTA (bake sales/ sponsored activities/ fund raising spots events etc)
  • Helping out at PTA fundraising events e.g. baking, setting up/clearing down/ running stall
  • Helping out “behind the scenes” e.g. with online activities/marketing/liaison with shops etc

Many Schools ask for a monthly contribution to the PTA from parents. We feel this is personal choice. If you would like to donate the account details are:

Account: 40021297. Sort: 60 12 39.

If you would like to specifically support less financially able parents by giving money towards school trips to reduce costs, please add a reference “school trips” and the money will be ring-fenced for this specific purpose.

Facebook closed group:

You can join the PTA Facebook group : Spring Bank Primary School PTA (group).


Each school year has a PTA representative. Year reps are responsible for taking your ideas back to the PTA, and asking for volunteers, contributions and opinions to contribute to the events we hold. These are as follows:

The year reps at the moment are:

Joel Gellard and Ursula Philpot are joint PTA chair. You can contact them on:



PTA meetings

We usually meet at the school after pick up, but also via Zoom, sometime we make it a later evening e.g 6.30 pm to allow working parents to join. We meet possible in person at a local café or pub as well as on zoom.

How we raise money

Our regular events are the summer and Christmas fairs, with a range of other events like the bun sales, disco or talent show every other year. We are always looking for new ideas so please come forward with suggestions – fund raising is important, but we also like to organise events which are fun for children and their families. Each event is overseen and organised by one or two parents who kindly volunteer, and are supported by the wider PTA.

We are planning the following events :

  • KS1/KS2 discos
  • Bun sales
  • Coffee and scones /strawberries at sports days
  • Summer Fair
  • Autumn Social night/Quiz for Mums and Dads
  • Christmas Fair
  • We currently help to fund gardening around the school which you can see in the lovely flowers, plants and veg in our planters.

We welcome suggestion or funds for social events, fundraisers, charity fundraisers, after-school clubs etc

How do the PTA spend the money they raise?

We take decisions on how to spend money at PTA meetings held each term.

Some suggestions come from parents and some from the school. In the main the PTA funds are for the ‘extras’ not provided by the school budget, things that make our children’s learning experiences more fulfilling and exciting. For example, we have provided funds to replace a lot of the books in the School Library and for a project which will involve parents and children in making a piece of artwork for the outside of the School.

We are also working on a major fundraising project to improve the school grounds. We want to make our grounds more welcoming and create beautiful spaces for our children to play, learn and connect with nature.

Teachers apply for support for any activity or trip they are planning, so as to keep parental contribution to a minimum. In the recent past we have funded musical instruments, ipads, play equipment, outdoor space painting, circus equipment and provided subsidy for the Year 6 Ingleborough.

How Can Parents Help?

This could be by going to a meeting to take part in discussions face to face or electronically - helping to plan events and making suggestions. It could also be by taking part in any of those events, whether you have been to a meeting or not. This can be as much or as little as any person can offer. It is a nice way to meet people involved at the school, and makes a genuine difference to the children, parents and teachers.

What’s the PTA doing now?

We are also working on a major fundraising project to improve the school grounds. We want to make our grounds more welcoming and create beautiful spaces for our children to play, learn and connect with nature.

We are raising money and writing funding bids to redevelop the unused grassed area around the Sports Pitch into a calming and accessible nature play and learning space, and to restore the old pond in the corner of the green slope near the bike shed.

We really need some help with bids and fundraising applications if anyone can help?

With warm wishes,

Spring Bank PTA.