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Year 1


Class Teacher: Miss Mitchell
Teaching Assistant: Miss Crook

These are the exciting things we will be doing this half term

Half Term 4

Subject/Area Topic
Learning Focus

Animal Mayhem

Key Text

In My Garden by Moira Andrews

Who am I by Paul Cookson

Picnic Tea by David Harmer
Memorable Experiences/Trips

Tropical World

Visit from author - Caryl Hart

Writing Opportunities

Write a poem based on Picnic Tea by David Harmer

Writing an information text about an animal.


Children will observe and explore different animals. They will look at the 5 different animal groups and their features - bird, fish, mammal, amphibians, reptiles. Children will also look at different animal diets - carnivore, omnivore and herbivore.


Children will explore different mechanisms - levers, sliders and wheels. They will then use this knowledge to design, make and evaluate a moving picture.


Children will explore Antarctica and compare it with England. They will look at and compare the human and physical features of them. Children will track the weather patterns of Leeds, Glasgow and Antarctica daily. 


Addition and Subtraction numbers within 20 and Length and Height.


Lego Builders - children to begin to think logically about scenarios. Children will be introduced to the term ‘algorithm’.

Maze Explorers - children will learn how to create and debug an algorithm.  

Music Round and Round by Joanna Mangona – an integrated approach to music where games, the dimensions of music (pulse, rhythm, pitch etc), singing and playing instruments are all linked.
PE Children will learn and continue to develop skills in game play and invasion games.

What does it mean to belong to a church or a mosque?

They will learn what they might see in a mosque or church building, and what the people do when they go there.  They will begin to understand that there are differences and similarities between churches and mosques, but that not all churches or mosques are the same.  They will learn that churches and mosques are special places for the people who go there. 

PSHCE including Health Education and RSE Feelings - Children will explore different feelings and emotions. They will recognise that people will feel differently about the same situation. Children will learn about change or loss and how this can feel.