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Year 5


Class Teachers: Mr Wrankmore

These are the exciting things we will be doing this half term in Year 5!

Half Term Three

Subject/Area Topic
Literacy Writing descriptions of settings and atmospheres. Writing dialogue between characters and a narrative set in the Early Islamic Civilisation.
Key Text ‘The Golden Horsemen of Baghdad’ – Saviour Pirotta
Memorable Experiences/Trips N/A
Writing Opportunities Writing setting and character descriptions. Writing a story set in the Early Islamic Civilisation.

Properties and Changes of Materials

Children will compare and group together everyday materials on the basis of their properties, including their hardness, solubility, transparency, conductivity (electrical and thermal), and response to magnets. Children will know that some materials will dissolve in liquid to form a solution, and describe how to recover a substance from a solution. They will use knowledge of solids, liquids and gases to decide how mixtures might be separated, including through filtering, sieving and evaporating. Children will give reasons, based on evidence from comparative and fair tests, for the particular uses of everyday materials, including metals, wood and plastic. They will demonstrate that dissolving, mixing and changes of state are reversible changes and explain that some changes result in the formation of new materials, and that this kind of change is not usually reversible, including changes associated with burning and the action of acid on bicarbonate of soda.

Art & DT

Islamic Art

Children will study calligraphy, geometric and vegetal forms of Islamic art. They will use this as inspiration to design and sew patterns. 

History & Geography

History: Early Islamic Civilisation

Children will learn how Early Islamic Civilisation was formed and spread successfully. Learning will focus on Baghdad and the House of Wisdom.

Maths Fractions, multiplication and division.


3-D Modelling

Children will use the 2Design and Make in Purple Mash to plan and design 3-D nets for various objects.

Music Mrs Prattent will be working with Lorraine to learn how to play the ukulele and learn a song to perform.

Cognitive Cog and Dance

Using the 'Cognitive' learning focus cog on the RealPE scheme the class will be practising their footwork skills and applying them in games of Beanbag Raids and Dodgeball. The other lesson will be dance with the learning focus on different dance moves and creating a sequence with them. 

RE Pilgrimages Children will learn about special journeys in Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
PSHCE including Health Education and RSE

Keeping Safe When Things Go Wrong

The learning focus is on keeping safe online, violence in relationships is not acceptable and problems that can occur when people go missing from home.